Bathtub (Live)

“I’m constantly chasing the bus to the places where I should have been” Sorry we don’t have a studio recording of it.

Live In Bremen, Top6

Great new songs: bathtub and take some friends, as well as the classics keep lovin, dirty minds, forgetting this and grave
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Live In Berlin

In this ZIP file, you will find the best picks from our live mini-concert at Frida’s place: keep lovin, song for a guy, fool, dont say no, the deal, kiss my face, so long so wrong, grave Includes our classy new blues title So Long So Wrong, performed on a 19th century violin.
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Harry is a depressed goldfish - Rich but fish… Recorded with true straw-in-a-glass rythm bubbles


The last recording in galway! A goodbye song full of HATE. Includes diabolic-mongolian- style vocals.

5. Keep Lovin'

A swinging love song, abusing a 10 euro voice changer from Dunnes Stores. Your happiness loves this one. Keep lovin !

100 Euro

This one is coproduced with Tim Carlo Jörges. It uses a lot of sampled euro notes for percussion. We will not bargain.
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Neben Dir

When you sit next to a beautiful person and you are not at all capable of talking to her

Weiße Schuh'

Moritz sings about the magnificient white shoes. No other shoes will ever compare. On the guitars & tabla : Hannes, on the piano: Carlo
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